Space​-​Time Devoured

from by IDLEGOD



And these dreams keep reoccurring, all I dream of is you.
And this pain is so unreal, nothing more I'll ever feel.
And these wheels they keep on turning, they're grinding up my youth.
Never settle for fate, lose your mind, don't waste time, there's no one left for you.

They tried to warn us,
We closed our minds,
We turned our heads,
But we're not blind.
Because we scorned them,
We burned inside,
All sacrificed,
But not Divine.

Psychedelic nightmare, Earth.
Insanity is Reason, Mind.
Every bone is liquid, Birth.
All the stars are black holes, Ice.
Universe collapsing, Death.
Overwhelming hatred, Life.

I had nearly forgotten
I was left here to rot
Was there ever a reason?
Delirious and distraught.

Where there is no Space or Time.


from IDLEGOD (Preview), releases September 3, 2017




IDLEGOD Tuscany, Italy

Robert - Bass, Vocals
Justin - Guitars
Zven - Drums

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